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Mission Statement

At Ovation REO, we are dedicated to rebuilding communities and neighborhoods one property at a time by helping community leaders, neighbors and investors make that difference.

 REO Management Services

The REO team provides cradle to grave management of REO assets. Ovation REO will manage client properties from acquisition to assessing and maintaining portfolio property conditions. Some services we provide are:

      •     Handling properties with Liens or other Special Issues

     •     Property/Portfolio Valuation

     •     Management of bid and repair processes

     •     Oversight of Listings, Marketing, and Management of the properties by local agents and Vendors

     •     Offer Execution and Sale Management

     •     Closing and Funding of the Sale

     •     Oversight of all property records and quality control

We provide the support your organization needs to grow.

Investment & Acquisitions Opportunities

Ovation REO provides tremendous opportunities for well informed investors/individuals looking for property to buy and flip, or for a primary or secondary residence.

If you are interested in reviewing our current inventory, please follow the link below. From there, you will also be able to submit an inquiry and a member of our REO Team will reach out to you.     Review Our Inventory

At Ovation REO, we are always looking for opportunities to invest. If you have a portfolio or property you are interested in selling, please submit your asset list to and a member of the Ovation REO Team will reach out to you.