Payoff Inquiries

If you are considering paying off your loan, congratulations! We are pleased and happy for you that you are able to take this next step in your finances. Simply contact our customer service department.

If you are the account holder, and want a formal payoff statement to be certain that you remit enough funds to fully pay your account, please complete our Payoff Request Form. Once this form is filled out completely and submitted, we will gladly process your request. As a customer you are legally entitled to this information and Texas law requires that we fulfill the first request at no charge.

If you are the mortgage servicer or holder of a lien on the property, it is our policy not to furnish third-party payoff requests unless our customer is more than 90 days delinquent. As required under Tax Code §32.06(f), we will notify you if this property owner becomes more than 90 days delinquent. At that point, we will gladly provide a payoff statement and accept your payment on the account. For a copy of the payoff request form approved by the Texas Finance Commission complete this Third Party Payoff Request

Payoff Requests must be made in writing.

We Strive to be GREEN! Completed Payoff Requests can be emailed!

If you must, send your signed requests to:

Ovation Services
Attn: Payoff Requests
8401 Datapoint Drive, Suite #1000
San Antonio, TX 78229

Fax: 866-457-7797

NOTES: Each customer is allowed one free payoff. Additional requests are subject to a nominal fee.