Ovation Services is a Loan Servicer specializing in Texas tax lien loans. We service loans on behalf of several investors and loan originators. WELCOME to our growing family of customers and providers!

  • » How do I contact you regarding my loan?
    • Visit the Contact Us page for all the ways you can get in touch with us.

  • » How do I obtain my payoff amount?
    • Requests for payoff amount must be made in writing by the account holder or another party legally entitled to the information. Visit our Payoff Inquiries page for full instructions on how to obtain your payoff.

  • » How do I sign up for automatic payments?
    • We can automatically draft your checking or savings account on your due date each month. To sign up for this free service, download the ACH Sign Up Form and email or send it back to us at the address on the form.

  • » Is my payoff amount the same as my principal balance?
    • No. Your payoff amount will include interest to the date of payoff and any outstanding late charges, a fee to prepare a legally required Release of Lien, and any other fees which may be attached to your loan.

  • » Can I make a principal payment at any time?
    • Yes, provided that your account is current. If your account is not current, payments are applied first to accrued interest & outstanding fees before being applied to principal. To make a principal payment, simply include any additional payments with your monthly payment or if you choose, send a separate check at any time. You can make your payment online using the 'Online Payments' link or by mailing your payment to the address on your most recent statement.
      If you send a check without a payment coupon which is attached to each month’s statement, you must include your loan number on the check.

  • » Can I send extra money for my escrow account?
    • Yes, provided you have a loan account or other special account that has an existing escrow agreement. Please indicate the amount of the additional escrow payment you would like to make on your monthly coupon.

  • » When is my loan payment due?
    • Most loan originators establish the due date as the 1st of every month with a grace period. Please refer to your loan documents or your monthly statement for your due date. Please note, payments are credited as of the date received not as the date mailed or postmarked.

  • » I use online banking. Where do I send my loan payment?
    • Online banking payments should be mailed to the same address as listed on your monthly statement. You can also pay your loan online using ePay! SIGN UP NOW!

  • » Why did my monthly payment change?
    • There are several reasons why this may occur, however you should have received documentation explaining the reason for the payment change. For example, if you have a mortgage loan, your payment may change due to escrow analysis. If you entered into a loan modification or forbearance agreement, your loan would also change. If the payment amount on your statement changed and you did not receive documentation explaining the reason for this change, contact us immediately!

  • » Do you accept payments over the phone?
    • Yes. Pay-by-phone is an optional fee service which you may choose. When you call, the following information is necessary to process your request: your bank transit/routing number and account number. We will then process your payment from your checking or savings account within 24 hours. However, we encourage customers to use the free payment methods available!

  • » Can I make my loan payment online?
    • Yes. Login to your account and then click ePay. If you have not established an online log on to your account, you may do so HERE.

  • » Can I get my statement electronically instead of by mail?
    • Yes. Every customer who enrolls in automatic payments will also receive their statement electronically each month.

  • » I haven't received my statement. How do I make my loan payment?
    • We mail monthly statements with a payment coupon upon receipt of your last payment. If you have not received a statement CONTACT US for a duplicate statement and payment coupon or for mailing instructions.

  • » How do I get another copy of my monthly statement?
    • Contact our customer information center and request a duplicate statement. There is small fee for duplicate statements.

  • » I just received a tax bill. Do I need to send it in for payment?
    • If you have a loan account and we escrow to pay your taxes, please retain the tax bill for your records. We will obtain a copy of your tax bill from our tax service. If you have a tax lien loan, part of your contract with your loan originator states that you must pay all future taxes on time. If you know that you cannot meet the tax deadline for this new bill call us at once so we can discuss your options. We can help!

  • » What do I do if I receive a homeowners insurance bill?
    • One of the obligations of all customers is that you must maintain proper insurance coverage on your property. We can help with that!! Ovation Services can help you obtain a low quote for homeowners insurance.

      If you have a mortgage loan and your monthly mortgage payment includes an escrow amount for homeowners insurance, please forward the notice to the following address:

      Ovation Services
      ATTN Document Management
      8401 Datapoint Drive, Ste 1000
      San Antonio, Texas 78229

      You may also fax it to 877-497-0617

  • » Who can I speak to about my Private Mortgage Insurance?
    • Please contact our Customer Service Department at 866-991-8259.

  • » If my taxes or homeowner's insurance increase, will it change my monthly payment?
    • Yes, if your real estate taxes or insurance are escrowed. We analyze your escrow account annually to determine that we are collecting the correct amount to pay your tax bill or insurance premiums.

  • » What is your website privacy policy?
    • Your may find a copy of our website privacy policy here.

  • » Who can I speak to about purchasing homeowner's insurance?
    • Please call our toll free number at 866-991-8259 and we will put you in touch with a agent.